Gehrke Law Offices



A combination of what we know, what we do and how we do it makes Gehrke, Baker, Doull & Kelly your premier partner for legal representation.


The attorneys at Gehrke, Baker, Doull & Kelly, PLLC have been effectively serving their clients for 65 years combined, delivering exceptional results for thousands of clients and counting. We depend almost exclusively on word-of-mouth referrals to generate our business — and the fact that we are always busy speaks volumes about how effectively we practice law and how well we treat our clients.


Our attorneys possess a wealth of hard-earned expertise and proven track records in their areas of emphasis. Although each case is unique, chances are good we have successfully handled a situation similar to yours many times before. The firm’s history also works in your favor, through the mutual trust we’ve built over the years with area judges, prosecutors and other professionals of influence.


Simply stated, we get things done. When you work with us, you’ll notice an unmistakable energy, enthusiasm and willingness to work as long and hard as it takes to achieve the best results possible. We’re willing to take on any case because we truly believe in the value of what we do. The harder the case, the more we want it.


Gehrke, Baker, Doull & Kelly is a local business in every sense of the word. The attorneys in this firm have focused their efforts on the Puget Sound area for decades, and many of us have lived here all our lives. We believe we can make a profound impact on this community through the advancement of sound legal practices. This is why we take our work and your success so seriously.